Free Coaching for Testimonial


The deal

Hi, and welcome, I hope you're enjoying my site...

Heres the deal. I'm relaunching High Energy Health and want to kick off with a new batch of great testimonials.  And that means helping some people get some great results so what I'm offering is ..... 

If you want to burn some fat and change your metabolism for the better 

If you want to drop KG's and CM's in size

If you want to feel energised, healthy and confident ...  
and set yourself up for a very bright future reducing your risks of Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Obesity and Many Cancers

I'll work with you at cost, including throwing all your coaching and support in for free. 

All I ask for in return is a short video testimonial and a before and after photo with your permission to use in my marketing materials.

If this sounds like you - give me a call. This offer is open to the first 20 takers. Get 5 of your friends together so you can get the best out of each other and I'll even come out and get you started at home.