You & a friend for the price of one!


Hi, and welcome! So... Do you want to fit back in your jeans and love who you see in the mirror?

Here's the deal... In nearly 20 years of helping people get the health results they want, what I've found along the way is that, above all else, sharing your journey is key to fitting back in your jeans, getting your health and energy back and loving who you see in the mirror... Some people are great at holding themselves accountable, but lets face it - it's not always easy and that's why I make myself accountable and available to you when we're working together.  

But even better than that, is you, and someone you really care about, supporting and holding eachother accountable!... and... it's a lot more fun also when you have a health buddy to come on the ride with.

And that's why I'm enthusiastic about you bringing your Health Buddy for free.... 

so what I'm offering is ..... 

  • If you want to fit back in your jeans and stay in them this time 
  • If you want to drop Kilo's in weight and Centimetres in size
  • If you want to feel energised, healthy and confident again ...  
  • and get your metabolism back in your corner to reduce your risks of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and a lot of different Cancers

You get to bring your Health and Accountability Buddy for free and the three of us can do this together. 

All I ask for in return is a short video testimonial each and a before-and-after photo with your permission to use in my marketing materials.

If this sounds like you - drop me a line to schedule a free 15 minute mini-consult and goal assessment to see if  you fit the bill . I'm taking strictly 20 applicants who have a great goal and are ready to commit to it. 

**BONUS!! If you have 5 of your friends who also have big goals, get them together so you can get the best out of each other and, if we fit, I'll even come out and get you started at home.

Terms & Conditions**

  • Free friend to the value of programme purchased
  • **Offer excludes propriety intellectual property valued at $99
  • Guarantee applies only when programme completed in full - the devil is in the detail and every piece of the puzzle is crucial.
  • Offer is available in return for a short video testimonial from both you and your Health Buddy