Free Coaching for Testimonial


Hi, and welcome, I hope you're enjoying your visit...

Here's the deal. A couple of times a year I like to relaunch with a new batch of great testimonials.  And that means helping you get the results you want.... 

so what I'm offering is ..... 

  • If you want to fit back in your jeans and stay in them this time 
  • If you want to drop KG's and CM's in size
  • If you want to feel energised, healthy and confident again ...  
  • and get your metabolism back in your corner to reduce your risks of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and a lot of different Cancers

I'll work with you at cost, which means including all your coaching and support for free. 

All I ask for in return is a short video testimonial and a before-and-after photo with your permission to use in my marketing materials.

If this sounds like you - drop me a line to schedule a free 15 minute mini-consult and goal assessment to see if  you fit the bill . I'm taking strictly 20 applicants who have a great goal and are ready to commit to it. 

**BONUS!! Get 5 of your friends who also have big goals together so you can get the best out of each other and I'll even come out and get you started at home.

Terms & Conditions

  • Free friend to the value of programme purchased
  • Guarantee applies only when full programme completed - the devil is in the detail and every piece of the puzzle is crucial.