Mums & Dads drop KGs, get energised & win cash for christmas


be your kids health superstar this christmas

  • Do you want to feel great by Christmas?
  • And fit back in your summer outfits?
  • Want the energy to keep up with your kids this summer?     
  • Do you want show your kids you can do it?

If you want to be the health example you want for your kids this summer ... Then join us on our Christmas-Ready Health Superstar Challenge...  


Turn body fat into energy and win $$ for your efforts

We're going to help you burn a lot of fat and CM's, fit you back in your summer clothes and put you in the draw for $1000 worth of cash prizes to splash out on your kids this Christmas. 


Only 20 Spots available

There's only 20 spots open - and they're filling up fast - Do you want to?

  • Increase your energy levels by Christmas
  • Fit back in your summer clothes by Christmas 
  • Lose a lot of kg's and CM's off your waistline 

And be a great health example for your kids this Christmas?

Reserve Your Your place now

or call 0431 219 366 to reserve your spot on High Energy Health's Mum's & Dad's Christmas Health Superstar Challenge


What you get

  • Proven Health and Weight Loss System designed to energise & turn your body into a fat burning machine!
  • A tribe and a coach to keep you honest, hold you accountable, share your journey and have fun with
  • Empowerment - body, mind and spirit
  • Whole food supplements and snacks for convenience and nourish you into a fat burning machine


How you're going to feel

  • Energised
  • Lean
  • Supported
  • Empowered
  • Confident

We're going to do this together. You're going to have an easily accessable team and we're all in it together!



Your kids look up to you! You can inspire them to make healthy choices 

· sensible nutritional guidelines,

· appropriate supplementation,

· a practical approach to increasing your metabolic rate,

· coaching and support



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