What's all the fuss about my metabolism?

It's your metabolism that turns your food into energy and, simply put, it burns over 80% of your calories at rest. Food your body can't turn into energy gets stored as fat so if we don't fix your metabolism, no matter how hard you train, you're always going to be fighting against  your body's desire to put on weight while you sleep - and it's always going to be a struggle to fit back in your jeans.

By concentrating on and rebuilding your metabolism we get your body back working for you, and make it a whole lot easier to fit back in your jeans and feel the energy and life that you want.

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Is it going to take work?

Short answer yes - but not as much as you might think and don’t worry I’ll be there to hold your hand through your journey. 

You're also NOT going to have to sweat your butt off! The Fit Your Jeans Solution works just as well with regular easy activity as with hard core training - it's just fitting the pieces of your personal lifestyle puzzle together.

Is it worth it?

You betcha! There’s nothing better than bouncing out of bed every morning, feeling great, slipping into your favourite outfit and loving who’s looking back at you in the mirror.

Check out what a few of the stars Iv'e worked with to date have achieved here 

Am I going to have to do this thing forever?


The whole purpose of fixing your metabolism is to set you free... Does it mean you can live on beer and pizza for the rest of your life? No ... Does it mean that you can cut yourself some slack around holidays, celebrations and have your body in your corner when you want to slide back in your jeans? Yep that's exactly the point of it!

Will I get the support and accountability I need?



Getting back in your jeans is simple, but I know that it's not always easy, and before you put anything in your mouth it's your brain that first makes the decision.


You get access to a one-on-one coach, a support group of people who share your goals and a system designed to help keep you in the zone mentally.


I'm going to hold your hand and hold you accountable ... and I'm also accountable to you. 


Am I going to starve or have crazy cravings?

No! If you do we're doing it wrong and we'll fix it straight away!

Hunger and cravings are two things that tell your brain to slow down your metabolism. We're going to be focused on exactly the opposite to get it up and running for you again. 

You're going to have a programme that encourages regular healthy snacking to keep you satiated, energised and happy, with your day to day lifestyle, your goals and a long term solution in mind. 

How much does it cost?

Get 5 people you care about together and I'll come to you for a free, in-home, no obligation intro session and initial consultation.

Alternatively come along to my free Meetup group or a Health Presentation ($5 entry) for some unbeatable, actionable info on eating, drinking, moving and thinking your way to the health results you want. Afterwards we can talk through your personal goals and get you started. 

Of course there is going to be an investment involved if you want to work together and it's hard to say the exact amount as I tailor individually, but we're starting out at  just a few dollars a day for an all- inclusive programme designed to get you back in your jeans, bouncing out of bed and loving who stares back at you in the mirror every morning. 

Are there any guarantees?

Should you decide to get started there is a $99 down payment to cover proprietary Intellectual Property which is yours to keep. From there, your happiness, my time and all products are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

What that means is if you're not happy at the end of your journey, even if you've used all your products, give me back the empty tubs and I'll still give you your money back.

How do I get started?

Email or call me here or book your Free Mini Consult on the link below

I'm going to send you an info podcast then you can either come to an intro session or get 5 of your loved ones together and I'll come to you for free - no obligation!

I'm going to be here for you but also encourage you having some buddies along for the ride so you've all got some support and encouragement from the people you care about most.