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get your metabolism working for you  - you come to us or we'll come to you

High Energy Health is not a diet

Its a proven method to reset your metabolism

This optimal health programme is designed to reset your body’s metabolism, to get it back working with you instead of against you, to help you safely lose weight fast and keep it off for good, boost your energy levels and elevate your health.

And of course it’s been medically-researched and proven to work. See the results for yourself here!   

How will you feel?

Lighter and leaner

More energised and focussed

Satiated (this programme will keep you satisfied not hungry - hunger tells your metabolism to slow down - this does the opposite)

Confident and supported - my goal is to set you free with a new found understanding and the power to take charge of your health. You are accountable to your coach and your coach is accountable to you

What do you get?

Day 1 starts with your initial consultation and goal assessment 

Then your proven health and weight loss programme directed by a qualified, experienced Nutritionist

Sensible nutritional guidelines

Appropriate supplementation

A practical approach to increasing your metabolic rate

Daily accountability, personal coaching and a tried and tested system to keep you motivated, inspired and supported, and get you the results you want

What happened to my metabolism?

Did you know?

Your body is designed to help you survive in a prehistoric world when people had to endure long periods of famine? Today when you 'diet' your body thinks the famine is here and responds by slowing your metabolic rate to compensate and conserve energy. When you return to 'normal' eating habits your weight often bounces back and you regain everything you lost (plus interest). 

So how is this different?

High Energy Health employs a proven, predictable 'real food' programme that helps reset your body’s metabolic 'normal' as you lose weight so it never shifts into famine mode. This increases your metabolism to an optimal level while you are losing weight helping lift your energy levels and the tasks your body needs for health. You get an easy to follow programme which will help you lose weight, keep you feeling full and satisfied and have you feeling better than you’ve felt for years.

And you get a coach

Plus you get a coach who is committed to your success.

Once you have achieved your goal weight, we install a stabilisation phase to lock in your new “metabolic normal” and then you’re good to go!

We hold regular presentations and get-starts. You can either come to one of these or get 5 of your friends together and I'll come to you.  

I also work with people outside of Sydney via online video conferencing.  

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What happened to my metabolism?

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